Spoon Rests Made Out Of Transparent Resin.

From our Natural Elements Collection, these hancrafted translucent spoon rests are all unique as Nature intended. Our hand crafted spoon rests are made of many different natural elements enclosed forever in a crystal clear transparent material, as clear as glass but as strong as plastic.

The natural elements that we use in our spoon rests are previously dried and then enclosed inside a resin material; once the resin has set the items inside  won’t have any contact with the outside world. Keeping it looking fresh and showing of those natural vivid colours for ever.

Because all our items are hand crafted and we only use real materials, each item can be considered as limited edition and one of a kind: There will never be a another one.

The spoon rests are treated with a special food safe finishing. So for those of you that love to cook this spoon rest is a real must because you can easily use your cooking tools without getting your kitchen counter dirty.

A very useful tool then, but also a decorative one, which will provide your kitchen with colour and soul.