Spring Collection – Made Out Of Transparent Resin.

From our Natural Elements Collection. Our hand crafted Spring Collection is made from a transparent clear resin, inside of which can be found ears of wheat, and the other Natural elements collected from the fields of Italy. Included in this design are Green Oats and wheat leaves that are suspended in time.

Handcrafted translucent home deco and kitchenware products that are all unique just as nature intended. These items are composed of many different elements from nature, enclosed forever in a crystal clear transparent material as clear as glass but not as fragile.

The natural elements that we use in our Spring range are dried and then enclosed inside a resin material; once the resin has set the items inside  won’t have any contact with the outside world. Keeping it looking fresh and showing of those naturally spring colour greens for ever.

Because all our items are hand crafted and we only use real materials, each item can be considered as limited edition and one of a kind: There will never be a another one.

All the hand made resin products in the Myface Shop Spring Collection are all treated with a special food safe finishing.

Very useful handcrafted home and Kitchenware products, but also decorative ones, which will provide your kitchen with some amazing springtime colours.


The item has its own single recycled carton box, customised with our logo.


100% Authentic Made in Italy  


Inside each package we enclose a certificate of guarantee explaining more information about the product, where and how it is made.

An ideal gift, entirely handmade in Venice.

Use and maintenance

Hand clean with mild soſt dish soap and water. Dishwashers are not recommended; not for microwave use. Cutting on with a sharp knife should always be avoided.

Our items are not as delicate as glass but that doesn’t mean they’re unbreakable! So please take care whilst washing.


These are the “ingredients” of the Spring Collection:

Silcillian Grass, Ears of Wheat and Oats and various leaves.