Vases – Made Out Of Italian Natural Elements

Vases that are designed by nature. Take a look below at our hand crafted vases.  Unique and Individual Hand Crafted Vases all hand made here in Italy will give a real touch of class to your home.

These will look great in your kitchen or bathroom, giving a real touch of class to your living areas because no one vase is ever exactly the same.

All the vases that are listed below are hand crafted and are the result of many decades of practice and experience.

All of our pieces are one of a kind. Inside of which we delicately place flowers, leaves, pebbles and many other natural elements like red chillis and wheat.

Always a unique and limited edition inspired by Nature and all its glory.

Because all our items are hand crafted using natural materials, each item can be considered limited edition and one of a kind: There will never be a another one!